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  • Bicerin Di Gianduiotto

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    You experience the rich intoxicating hazelnut chocolate aroma and then you taste the thick delicious BICERIN hazelnut chocolate, blended with 15% smooth alcohol. The ultimate chocolate martini. Can be used in any drink that calls for a chocolate ingredient. Works well on its own over ice.

  • Bicerin White

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    Italian Famous Bicerin White Chocolate Liqueur  is dating back 200 years from Turin, Northern Italy, taste the delicious ‘Gianduiotto’ hazelnut chocolate blended with 15% smooth alcohol.

  • Vincenzi Limoncello Di Torino

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    Smoothness and flavor are the mark of a fine liqueur. The process at Vincenzi begins with its lemon buying. Not limited by region, all of Italy is scoured for the best crop of that year. Then the 70+ years of experience handed down to the master distiller continues to produce the smoothest LIMONCELLO di TORINO. Limoncello Di Torino is a great mixer or straight up out of the freezer. Mixes great with cola for the adult cola with lemon. Can be used in a variety of cocktails for either the lemon or fruit ingredient.