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  • Boondocks American Whiskey 11 Years

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    Aged 11 years in American Oak barrels in Kentucky.

    Rich, complex and fruity with a light color.

    Spicy and exotic aroma with a creamy and

    buttery mouthfeel and a long and pleasant finish.

    Alcohol: 47.5%

  • Boondocks Cask Strength American Whiskey 11 Years

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    Aged 11 years in American Oak wooden barrels in Kentucky.

    Bottled with Cask strength

    No water dilution.

    Unique fragrances of caramel-rich vanilla.

    Aggressive, pleasant and spicy to the palate

    Lasting finish.

    Alcohol: 63.5%

  • Boondocks Bourbon Whiskey 8 Years

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    Aged 8 years in new charred oak barrels

    Aged an additional 2-3 months in used port wine barrels.

    The result being a variety of wonderful bourbon flavors like vanilla,

    caramel and toffee mixed with the fruity and complex flavors of Port Wine.

    Well balanced whiskey with a pleasant and lasting finish.

    Alcohol: 45%

  • Boondocks 2 Bottle Gift Pack

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    מארז צמד בקבוקים 375 מ”ל כל אחד.
    בונדוקס וויסקי בורבון 8 שנים
    אלכוהול: 45%
    בונדוקס וויסקי אמריקאי 11 שנים
    אלכוהול: 47.5

  • Boondocks American Whiskey 11 Years The Spice Project

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    Whiskey with the addition of a rich, earthy and old spice mix Aroma of apple pie and spicy wine.

    A bright and golden amber shade

    The spices are balanced by a hint of sweetness, cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg

    Alcohol: 40%