Sur Agencies

Founded in 1988, Zur Agencies was established as an importer and exporter of a wide
variety of fine kosher foods. At the time it was considered a pioneer in the field. In its early
years the company's main focus was to export and market foods, drinks and alcoholic
beverages produced and distributed by more than 150 Israeli suppliers to large multinational
corporations. Currently Zur Agencies, accounts for roughly 83% of all Israeli wine exported to
the United States. In addition, it also exports large quantities of Passover matzos, Shabbat
and holiday candles, a variety of ethnic canned and frozen foods, confectioneries, drinks and
other specialty foods.
More recently, the company has expanded import activities focusing on unique kosher wines
and quality spirits from the premier wine regions in the United States, South America,
Europe, and Australia.
Zur Agencies originally established as a small family business, has grown into a highly
successful multinational corporation. Despite its growth its service and relationship with
each of its clients remain close and personal, like family..